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Here at HNTFX, we provide one of the safest online trading platforms to our clients and partners. We believe in developing a sustainable workforce through our years-long experience, in-depth knowledge of the financial market and the association of our trusted partners. We have set an example of responsible trading that has made us a reliable platform for services like currency trading, equity indices, energies, precious metals and CFDs.

We follow a simple and client-friendly operational philosophy that does not only satisfy our clients and partners but also helps us to earn their loyalty. We use latest technologies along our in-depth knowledge of trading to serve our clients with the accordance of their needs. We do not follow or practice customs that can harm our client’s expectations from us.

You’re at the heart of all we do

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate trading experience. We’re passionate
about online trading, constantly innovating and looking to improve the way our clients invest in financial markets.

Why ChooseUs
Lighting fast execution, multilingual customer support, safest tradition platform and award-winning service have made us superior in the industry.
Ethical Trading Conditions

As a trusted and reputable partner, we let our client access and enjoy ethical tradition conditions.


We aim to provide you with a safe and secure trading platform, and that is why we have incorporated many supplementary protective mechanisms across all our activities.

Fast Execution

We follow a strict no-rejections and no-re-quotes policy that enable us to execute more than 99% orders in a second. At hntFX, we let you enjoy a fast, fair and upright trading experience.

Wealth of Experience

Our dedicated workforce comes with a wealth of experience. The sole aim of our leadership is to enhance the level of our credibility and protect the interest of our clients.

More Trading Opportunities

With thousands of spread betting and CFD instruments to trade across forex,
indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, ETFs and treasuries,you’re able to create a diverse
portfolio, increasing your potential trading opportunities.

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