How to use trading strategies

Strategies for trading stocks or forex

Fixed rules governing entry and exit points based on technical analysis can help traders remove emotion from the equation and possibly make more consistent gains. Technical indicators generate triggers to suggest when it is time to act. It’s important to remember that trading is inherently risky, and that profits are not guaranteed.

Always make sure you’re comfortable with your strategy by testing it in a simulated and safe environment. Opening a demo account lets you practise your strategies under real market conditions without you having to risk your own money. You can also test out strategies by applying them to historic price charts and seeing what your results would have been – again, without any real-world consequences.

Forex simulator

Test your choice of strategy on our demo account

Before you start trading with your own capital, it’s important to test out a range of different strategies and tools until you’re confident that you’ve found the method that might work for you. As we’ve seen, that may depend on how much time you want to spend monitoring your trades, your general risk appetite and how comfortable you feel making quick decisions.

With FXTM’s demo account you can access the currency market completely risk-free, and practise under genuine market conditions. Everything’s real except for the (simulated) money!

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